Two Bi Guys

Where Are All The Bi Athletes? with Ryan K. Russell

Episode Summary

Bi+ men are underrepresented everywhere, but they're even more invisible in the hyper-masculine world of professional sports, with a current grand total of zero openly queer players in the NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL. We spoke about this with pro athlete, poet, artist, and activist Ryan Kamey Russel, who played with the Dallas Cowboys in 2015 and Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2016 & 2017 and came out publicly as bisexual in 2019. He shares what it was like to play in the NFL as a queer person, the pressure to compartmentalize and keep part of his identity hidden, and what ultimately led to his decision to speak out. Ryan also discusses discovering fluid sexuality later in life (a common theme for Bi+ people), the experience of belonging to "two worlds" (gay & straight, football & poetry) the benefits of therapy and getting in touch with your emotions, why so many professional athletes remain closeted and how to be more inclusive for the next generation, the beauty of intersectionality as a bridge among identities, the current protest movements in professional sports, and the importance of loving yourself.

Episode Notes

Two Bi Guys is created and hosted by Alex Boyd and Rob Cohen

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